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Online Bridge Video Lesson Recordings

October 26th & November 2nd, 2020: 
Hand Evaluation & Improving Your Opening Bid Judgement
(2-Part Lesson)
November 9th & 16th, 2020:
Opener’s Rebids & Clarification of the "Reverse" by Opener
(2-Part Lesson)
November 23rd & 30th, 2020:
Responder’s Rebids & “Fourth Suit” Artificial and Forcing To Game
(2-Part Lesson)
December 7th & December 14th, 2020: 
"Negative" Doubles
(2-Part Lesson)
January 11th, 18th & 25th, 2021: 
Takeout Doubles & Advances
(responding to partner's double)
(3-Week Series, 3-Part Lesson)
February 8th, 2021:
Balancing Lesson (fighting it out for the part-score)
February 22nd, March 1st & 8th, 2021: 
Defense versus. No Trump Contracts
(3-Week Series, 3-Part Lesson)
March 22nd & 29th, 2021: 
The Art of Finessing
(2-Part Lesson)
April 12th & 19th, 2021: 
The Magic of the End Play
(2-Part Lesson)
May 3rd & 10th, 2021: 
Stayman, Jacoby Transfers, and Texas Transfers
(2-Part Lesson)
May 24th & 31st, 2021: 
Slam Bidding After We Open 1NT or 2NT
(2-Part Lesson)
August 23rd & 30th, 2021: 
2-Way New Minor Forcing
(2-Part Lesson)
October 4th, 18th, & 25th, 2021: 
Improving Your No Trump Declarer Play
(3-Week Series, 3-Part Lesson)
November 8th, 2021: 
Opening the Bidding in 
3rd or 4th Seat
November 22nd & 29th, 2021: 
Fighting It Out
"I have known John Rayner for many years. John has represented Canada a number of times and is a superb bridge teacher as well as a player. He is entertaining, informative and very easy to understand. He makes everything crystal clear. His presentations are filled with humour which makes them easy to remember. If I were going to sign up for a course of bridge lessons, it would be with John, if my husband would let me!"

- Barbara Seagram, Expert Bridge Teacher
"When it comes to bridge teaching, John Rayner is known as the teacher's teacher. He is Canada's best bridge teacher. He puts his heart and soul into his lessons, explains clearly and confidently, and provides examples and  notes that illustrate every bridge topic.  John has taught thousands - and he can help you, too, become a better bridge player."                 
- Andy Stark, Editor of the "Kibitzer" Bridge Magazine
"John is an exceptional bridge teacher. His lessons are relevant, easy to follow and reinforced with practical paper-based and hands-on exercises. He has a remarkable ability to make complex conventions seem relatively simple and is able to effectively target lessons to the level of expertice of his audience. John exudes his passion for this beautiful game and to top it all off, his  lessons are never boring...he has a great sense of humour."

- Christine Fleming 
"John Rayner is a wonderful bridge teacher. He is a passionate and enthusiastic educator who engages all levels of players from beginner to advanced in a  concise, clear manner often using humour to make a point. His notes and  practice exercises are very helpful in reinforcing his lessons."

- Susan Forbes
"John has taught our bridge group of about 100 women for the past 20 years, before retiring from our group this spring.  As a teacher, I think he's the "bees' knees." His presentations of lessons are organized, clear and concise. He stays keenly attuned to the students' grasp of the subject and patiently adjusts to accommodate various levels of understanding. His every word seems to matter and builds on what went before. Although the lesson is usually based on one subject, John reviews the basic principles of the game as he meets them in his presentation. That makes for VERY rich learning. Toss in the fact that he is warm hearted, funny and very smart and you have a winner."

- A. H.
John Rayner has been my bridge instructor for at least 5 years and I have enjoyed every session. He is an excellent bridge teacher who also has the uncanny knack of knowing how to make learning fun while explaining even the most complex topic. When John first started teaching as a guest instructor at our club in Florida, he grew the number of participants threefold in the span of just a few years. John’s winning personality makes his sessions enjoyable as well as informative. His lessons are appropriate for both the beginning/intermediate student as well as the advanced. I highly recommend John to any bridge player who is looking for a great bridge instructor!

- Fran Rumford
About John Rayner

(and why he should teach you bridge)...

  • Winner of the "Kate Buckman Award": As the 'person who most adds to others' enjoyment of the game of bridge'
  • Winner of the "Audrey Grant Award": 'For excellence and professionalism in the teaching of bridge'
John was the owner/manager of the Mississauga-Oakville Bridge Centre for 33 years, bridge professional at the Mississaugua Golf & Country Club for 39 years, and was appointed a member of the "Goodwill Committee" of the ACBL (American Contract Bridge League).
John has taught bridge at:
  • The Mississauga-Oakville Bridge Centre
  • ​The Mississaugua Golf & Country Club
  • ​The Lambton Golf & Country Club
  • ​Eglinton-St. George's United Church
  • ​The "Decadent Bridge Group" at the Badminton & Racquet Club
  • ​The Verity Club
  • ​The Granite Club
  • ​The Thornhill Golf & Country Club
  • ​The Donalda Club
  • ​The Briars Bridge Weekends
  • ​Jubilee Bridge Festivals
John is a frequent guest speaker at Sectional, Regional and National bridge tournaments, a guest speaker at many fundraising bridge events, and a presenter and moderator at the annual conference of the American Bridge 
Teachers' Association.

He is also a columnist contributor to the "Kibitzer" bridge publication for southern Ontario, and twice captain/coach of the Canadian Women's National Team at Bridge World Championships held in Istanbul and Beijing.
As a Bridge Player...
  • Winner of Five Canadian Championships: Canadian National Teams, Canadian Senior Teams, and Canadian Open Pairs.
  • Winner of Two Canadian Online Bridge Championships
  • ​Winner of Australian Mixed Pairs Championship
  • ​Many time Canadian Representative at World Bridge Championships: Including the Bermuda Bowl
  • Grand Life Master of the ACBL
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